St. Louis’ Former Archbishop Resigns From Post For Protecting Pedophile Priests

Justin Rigali was the Archbishop of St. Louis until he got all big time a few years ago and bolted to Philly for the same job. What’s Philly have that we don’t? Cheesesteaks, sure…and some busted ass bell, a bunch of crappy fans…oh and a bunch of pedophile priests.

A report appearing in Monday’s _Philadelphia Daily News _said Cardinal Justin Rigali has submitted a letter of resignation to Pope Benedict XVI, and the pope is expected to accept Rigali’s resignation as early as Tuesday.

How many dirty priests does it take to get a high-level Archbishop, a Cardinal in fact, to resign his post? Oh about 40 or so.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, a grand jury report in February 2011 slammed Regali and the Philadelphia Archdiocese, accusing them of a widespread cover-up and keeping nearly 40 clergymen active in the priesthood despite claims of abuse.  Initially, Cardinal Rigali said no active priests had been accused of sexual abuse. However, Rigali suspended 21 accused priests in March.

Nope, no priests here that molest kids! Not in Philly…oh wait, here’s a few. 24 of you please leave, the rest of you take your leather alter boy gimp masks, load them up in your church vans filled with candy and “trust your priest” pamphlets and get out of here you crazy bastards! The rest of you, it’s time you became middle school history teachers / wrestling coaches.

This whole Catholic priests boning kids thing is a really bummer, and not at all as cool as the Dan Brown-type scandals we’d much prefer to uncover. When you find a secret room in a rectory you want it to be filled with secret maps and dog-eared ancient texts about the origins of religious thought, rather than an over-circled church camp photo and 5 posters of Justin Bieber.

via KSDK