Shocker: Creepy Looking Guy Turns Out to Be Total Molester

I’m not sure how many sleep-over age girls we have as readers, but here’s a tip for them anyway. If  every time you ask your Dad “Can I have my friend sleep over tonight?” and he says “Yeah!  Totally! Invite some more friends actually! I have plenty of pillows for a fight, and tons of NyQuil laid out downstairs next to the video camera I don’t ever leave on. Oh that light? That means it’s off.” he’s a pervert and you should probably tell someone.

The latest perv in our midst is one Eduardo Oritz Cervantes of Woodson Terrace and as you may have guessed from our beautifully worded intro, he used his daughter as bait.

A warrant was issued for Eduardo Oritz Cervantes, 42, for two counts of 1st degree child molestation and 3rd degree assault in St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Cervantes’ daughter reportedly often had girls stay the night, and he is accused of inappropriately touching the victims in their sleep.

One time I had a sleep over where the cable didn’t work so instead of sneaking some Skin-a-max action, like the plan, we had to watch whatever lame family movie tapes we had on hand and then, probably because all of the excitement, I had a bloody nose so everyone had to watch my dad come down in his whitey-tighties to help me and clean up. Pretty much ruined me for all of 5th – 8th grade.

We’re guessing the social stigma might end up being a little worse for the poor little Cervantes girl. Probably should just move.

via Globe Democrat