This is the Greatest Jheri Curl Commercial Ever

We don’t want to over sell the video below, but it is, without question, the greatest thing I have seen on the internet ever. Yes, we’ve seen Little Superstar. It’s better. Its a commercial advertising Jheri Curls from a guy name Jarrell…and its in St. Louis!

Just look up there. Those piercing eyes of the guitarist. The glistening chest of Jarrell. That’s clearly Prince standing there on the right. This is totally set in someone’s basement. A better commercial has yet to be made!

We can just picture Jarrell sitting at home editing this directly on his camera attached to his VCR, laying back in his bean bag chair, Jheri curl wet spot growing behind him, thinking about now epic this ad is going to be, now much money and more importantly, chicks, he’s going to be pulling in after this airs. …as if he can handle more broads! Silk white pants like those aren’t made for keepin’ on, their for slidin’ off!

Click “read more” below to see the video! Go ahead and take your socks off first, just to be safe. We don’t want to be responsible for putting holes in your shoes.

Anyone know where this place was? We’re thinking pilgrimage.

via YouTube with a tip of the cap to our tipster.