Ladue Has a Yacht Club? On Facebook They Do.

Ladue is the Hollywood Hills of St. Louis. They think they’re so great, with their smoking jackets, botox and makeout parties.  Crowding West County Mall with their fancy sweat suits dropping their “troubled” kid off at the Hot Topic while the rest of them go to the GAP or stand around outside of a JBucks somewhere, collars popped, looking like a living Dockers ad. It’s like their life is so great they don’t even care that their mexican gardner is taking a leak in their pool.  It’s about time someone is finally mocked them as they should have been all along!

The Ladue Yacht Club is a Facebook page that chronicles the day-to-day goings on of a few fictitious member of the St. Louis upper crust. The page is officially self-described as:

The Ladue Yacht Club is an elite, private club of Ladue, MO. Members are acquired by invite only and pass through an aggressive financial, socioeconomic status review by the board. Wikipedia declares Ladue as the most wealthy inner ring of St. Louis.

Through the regular postings we get the stick our grimy poor noses in on such adventures as badminton games, squash attire, their thoughts on Chesterfield and having more kids.

Winthrop took a shuttlecock to the cornea on Saturday afternoon. He was standing too close to the sideline – we Ladue men take our competition sports serious! Women, children and Winthrops need to stay in the stands once a match begins! Now we need a new wicketkeeper for today’s cricket practice! Winthrop will be watch…

Farnsworth please don’t walk in to Olhendorfs dressed for a game of squash! Have some dignity my yachting comrade!

Chesterfield Once Again Rated Number One City In America By Low-Income Living Magazine. For four years in a row chesterfield ranks number one in Low-Income Living Magazine’s annual poll. It was number one in many categories such as the student to knife ratio 1:1, paycheck cashing services per-capita and above ground pools.

Ladue Yacht Club Farnsworth is thinking about having another child. Farnsworth do you really think the nanny can keep up with another child? And you can’t ship them off to boarding school until they are four! Think old chap!

If you have either more time on your hands or more Ladue hate in your heart (or both) you can even install the Facebook application to find your own Ladue Yacht Club Name. Here’s ours:


Captain Utah “Salty” Titsworth has accepted you as an honorary member of the Ladue Yacht Club.
Your Honorary Yachting Name is Prince Edmund Peckson Longrod .

Happy Boating!

Anything that correctly identifies us as “Longrod” is good in our book! Now, if you will excuse us, we are off to buy a jacket with a crest on it and slap around the help. Go join the Ladue Yacht Club (and if you aren’t already, be a Punching Kitty fan) and you can come along too. Later on the wife Buffy and I are going to take the kids to the Cardinals game. We have great seats. You’ll be able to see us all game behind home plate, looking bored or on our cell phones. Can’t wait!