Well the Ladue Middle School Sure Sounds Fun

The police are all over Ladue Middle School after it was found that an underage female student was involved in a sexual conversation and exchanged pictures with an adult man on the school’s computers…during school hours. According to school officials, while the student was in class, a technology staff member noticed something strange going on with one of the school’s computers. The employee went over to the computer in question and saw video from a chat room of a middle-aged man exposing himself to the student and masturbating. [Read More]

Ladue Has a Yacht Club? On Facebook They Do.

Ladue is the Hollywood Hills of St. Louis. They think they’re so great, with their smoking jackets, botox and makeout parties. Crowding West County Mall with their fancy sweat suits dropping their “troubled” kid off at the Hot Topic while the rest of them go to the GAP or stand around outside of a JBucks somewhere, collars popped, looking like a living Dockers ad. It’s like their life is so great they don’t even care that their mexican gardner is taking a leak in their pool. [Read More]