Well the Ladue Middle School Sure Sounds Fun

Well the Ladue Middle School Sure Sounds Fun

The police are all over Ladue Middle School after it was found that an underage female student was involved in a sexual conversation and exchanged pictures with an adult man on the school’s computers…during school hours.

According to school officials, while the student was in class, a technology staff member noticed something strange going on with one of the school’s computers.

The employee went over to the computer in question and saw video from a chat room of a middle-aged man exposing himself to the student and masturbating.

According to officials, the incident happened after the student took pictures of his or her genitals with a cell phone, and then sent it to the man over the video chat room.

Was it her free period? If it was, technically we don’t think you can get her in trouble unless you go back and find a more specific name for that class like “Free To Do Stuff Other Than Taking Pictures of Your Genitals Period” or something. (To be clear the previous joke was in reference to her being free to take pictures, not taking picture of her…well, you get it.)

“The school district will cooperate fully with this investigation and will protect the student’s privacy as dictated by federal law and district policy,” said Ladue School District Spokesperson Susan Dielmann.

Still no word on if they will stop using the computer lab for Sex Ed class, or if they are going to train teachers on figuring out what’s happening when there’s a flash from the back of the classroom and the girl in the back row has one leg straight up in the air.

via KMOV