The Free Bathroom Trash Guy Got Back to Us

The Free Bathroom Trash Guy Got Back to Us

A little over a month ago we sent an inquiry over to the person selling “free bathroom trash” on our local Craigslist for $150. This weekend, we finally got a response! If you speak retard, please send us a translation.

For context, here’s our original email:

We saw your “free bathroom trash” ad on Craigslist, and we’re intrigued. What’s the run down? Is there a strong demand for your trash so far? You don’t wipe your ass with 20 dollar bills do you?

Oh and what’s the $150 for if it’s free?


Here’s the response:


Yes. the trash is free! That $20 I am using on my ass is going to cost you $150…

Hell, throw in another $50…and you will get 2 Pussy Pops! Your choice of color and flavor.

Be sure to ask me about a personal handwritten message…

Get back soon,

Robyn C. Riminal


Lovely pseudonym. Also, pasting the email here doesn’t do it justice as you lose the fact that it was delivered in Comic Sans font…you know, because otherwise we would have taken it all too seriously.