“Free” Bathroom Trash Sold on Craigslist for $150

St. Louis Craigslist, you never stop dropping little joy pellets. Little tiny joy turds, and just like turds, they are something to occasionally gawk and marvel at, but that’s about as close as you’re willing to get.

Take the recent example of someone giving away their bathroom trash. Let that sink in for a second. Now take another second to let the fact that this free bathroom trash they are giving away, is priced at $150.

We couldn’t resist and emailed the guy with a few questions:

We saw your “free bathroom trash” ad on Craigslist, and we’re intrigued. What’s the run down? Is there a strong demand for your trash so far? You don’t wipe your ass with 20 dollar bills do you? What’s the $150 for if it’s free?

Any chance you sit in a pile of it and touch yourself? That doesn’t make us more or less interested, but it just seemed plausible and figured we’d ask.


P.S. Please don’t add us to your serial killer list probably written in lipstick. We’re good people, just asking a few questions. No harm. Great shirt today! Is that new?

 As of yet, there has been no reply.

via Craigslist