The Ladue News Accused of Removing Submissions for Most Dynamic List

When the Ladue News asks for your opinion, maybe you should just expect it to be disregarded. Seriously, who are you to tell them your thoughts on who should be on their Most Dynamic List? No, it doesn’t matter that they asked for you submissions. It does matter however, they they are better than you. How can I say that? Easy. They put their dogs in matching sweaters and post pictures of the results. [Read More]

Ladue Has a Yacht Club? On Facebook They Do.

Ladue is the Hollywood Hills of St. Louis. They think they’re so great, with their smoking jackets, botox and makeout parties. Crowding West County Mall with their fancy sweat suits dropping their “troubled” kid off at the Hot Topic while the rest of them go to the GAP or stand around outside of a JBucks somewhere, collars popped, looking like a living Dockers ad. It’s like their life is so great they don’t even care that their mexican gardner is taking a leak in their pool. [Read More]