Jill Devine Out at the Bull

Already scraped from the website, Jill Devine, already a veteran of the St. Louis radio wars, is out at ClearChannel’s 93.7 the Bull. Devine has been at the Bull since leaving Bonneville’s 101.1 Movin, which soon after turned to 101 ESPN.  Devine pitched in on the Bull’s morning show and then moved to mid-days and then back to mornings.

No details as of yet, but it’s not much of a guess to postulate that ClearChannel is continuing to hemorrhage money like most other radio outlets. Their newest station, 100.3 The Sound has, thus far, only hired one jock for the station and we hear he isn’t even located in the St. Louis area, but actually records his work out of town to be played in the St. Louis market.

Even with the current crappy radio landscape that leaves places like ClearChannel about six months from just using that Steven Hawking voice all day on the radio, we aren’t worried about Jill. She’ll be picked up and working again as a personality in no time.

It’s for the best Jill! We hear your brain starts to melt after too many years of country music and you devolve down in to driving a truck covered with yellow ribbons and flag bummer stickers with a giant bald eagle painted on the back window. Seriously, is there some connection between being super “patriotic” and not having to ever look out the back of your vehicle?