Glenn Close Throws out First Pitch

Award winning actress Glenn Close was in town on Saturday to throw out the first pitch at the Mets v Cardinals tilt. Close was in town to raise funds and awareness about not making fun of crazy people I.

One message Close hopes to drive home is that a mental illness doesn’t have to stop anyone from living a productive, fulfilling life.

“It’s not a cool subject for a lot of people,” Close said. “It makes people uncomfortable.”

Close stepped up and really took her own advice, by looking retarded as possible throwing out the first pitch shown in the photo above. She’s got the lip-biting, the overly erect posture, and what the hell is she doing with her hand?!

There you have it kids! Glenn Close is proof. You don’t have to be ashamed of being crazy, as long as you can pretend your not crazy long enough in front of the camera to make millions. Otherwise, St. Louis has several nice overpasses that you can pee yourself under while wearing your tinfoil hat.

via Globe Democrat