Man Made Two Kids Look at His Old Junk at Goodwill. By Junk We Mean Penis.

Two children got a little more than used coats at the Fairview Heights Goodwill store earlier this year…apparently there was a sale on trouser snakes this past October.

A registered sex offender from St. Louis was charged Tuesday with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child for allegedly exposing himself to two children inside the Fairview Heights Goodwill Store, according to the St. Clair County state’s attorney.

Jeffrey Hudacek, 42, is accused of committing the acts on Oct. 30.

The Goodwill store?! Is that the best place to whip it out in front of kids? …ok, we guess there isn’t really a “good” place to whip it out in front of kids, but one would think even the dumbest of pervs would have a better plan in place than “ok, the minute they turn the corner there by rack full of old Cowboys Starter jackets, I’ll whip it out! Can’t. Fail.” Kudos to him to for at least having something to whip out though. Usually the mix of old person smell mixed with the visual of fat women going through clothes from the 90’s that say shit like “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” on them, and then holding one up while saying “Now this is pretty cute!” to her just-as-fat daughter, makes our bits go right back up inside. Last time we went in there for a Halloween costume, it took three Katy Perry music videos to get it to come back out.

Hudacekis in St. Louis County police custody with a $250,000 bond, and like everything at Goodwill, has been around the block before. He was previously convicted of “first-degree sexual misconduct by contact” in 2003,

via STLToday