Fredericktown Police Captain Likes Little Boys, Little Boys Not Big Fans of Him

A Fredericktown, MO police captain and local Boy Scoutmaster has been busted for being…you’ll never guess…a sexual predator! Three cheers for stereotypes!

Kenneth Tomlinson II, 42, a police captain in Fredericktown and Boy Scout leader, has admitted having sex with young boys and destroying videotapes he made of the sex, court records show.

After 16 counts of sodomy involving two boys, ages 12 and 14, Tomlinson should be ready for a little sodomy of his own, but first the worst punishment of all…

He was held in lieu of a $100,000 cash-only bond, and has been stripped of his membership in the Scouts.

Oh snap!

“No! Don’t kick me out of Scouts!” former scoutmaster Tomlinson pleaded, “What about the winter jamboree?!  The kids are sure to freeze to death without my famous ‘sit on my lap and let me warm you from the inside’ trick!”

No dice sicko!  Your Assistant Scoutmaster is going to have to do that this year.

Well, until he gets caught.  Then it will be up to the parents to molest their own kids until a new Scoutmaster can be found.

via STLToday