Woman Killed While Trying to Cross I-70

People are stupid.

When does the idea “Hey lets cross this major interstate on foot” ever cross someone’s mind quickly followed by the even dumber thought to actually do it?

Police said Peggy Ramsey, 47, of the 30 block of Arbor Village was struck and killed on Highway 70 at Salisbury at 8:05 pm. Authorities say a 56-year old woman in a Ford Taurus, was traveling westbound on Highway 70 approaching Salisbury when a car in front of her suddenly swerved. The woman driving the Ford Taurus then noticed the victim standing in front of her in a traffic lane. She attempted to swerve, but couldn’t avoid hitting Ramsey. Police said Ramsey was pronounced dead at the scene.

The real victim here is the woman in the Ford Taurus.  Through no fault of her own, she has to live with the memory of driving through a woman at 60+ miles per hour.  That’s messed up.

There is no reason, what so ever to ever try to cross a street that busy!  Never!  …well.  Unless you just drove your van in a well-labeled toxic-waste vat and then quickly turned in to a mutant that couldn’t find help in you “friends” so you lurched out in to the street for help only to get run over by your boss. Here’s a clip:

You know what?  That was distasteful.  Even for us.

I mean, we aren’t going to delete it or anything, but I’m just saying that we know its distasteful so that you know that we know.  You know?