You Should Always Carry Weed, It Might Save Your Life

You Should Always Carry Weed, It Might Save Your Life

A woman was sitting at a South City bus stop when two men asked her if she had any marijuana. She didn’t. Big mistake.

Police say the woman told the two men she did not have any marijuana and they walked away. Ten minutes later, the suspects allegedly came back and tried to rob the victim.

During the robbery, police say the woman was shot once in the upper arm.

“We need to get high. Lets ask this random woman because she the chance she might have some and then give it to us is something that will definitely be the case.”

“Good idea! Excuse us miss, but we were wondering if you had any marijuana on you and would feel like sharing.”

“Umm, no. Sorry.”

“Ok. Thanks for you time.”

“Damn, well I guess that didn’t work.”

“Oh crap. Dude you know what? We could have robbed her! We totally could have and since we’re already clearly retarded we have no issues with that kind of thing! Shoot her!”

“I’ll aim for her purse, but I’ll gonna turn my gun sideways because it’s awesome…it can only help my aim!”

Well at least we have really great descriptions of the assailants. He was the one guy in shorts over a weekend where it averaged 100+ degrees.

The suspects are described as black males between 18 and 21. One of the men is described as being slim in build, short-haired and wearing a white t-shirt and green shorts. The other man was described only as wearing all black.

tl;dr – Always carry weed with you.

via KMOV