Pedro Chavez is a Determined Molester

Your parents always told you to never give up  on chasing your dreams, and while that’s a nice thought, applying that has a blanket statement to all dreams isn’t a great idea. Take Pedro Chavez of O’Fallon, MO (right). His dream was to molest a 13 year old girl, and sadly, he didn’t stop chasing it until the police arrived.

A man from O’Fallon, Mo., faces felony charges after police said he attempted to molest a thirteen-year-old girl, left her apartment, and then reentered the apartment and tried to molest her again.

Pedro L. Chavez, 24, of the 200 block of Casalon Drive, was charged today in St. Charles County Circuit Court with first-degree burglary and two counts of attempted child molestation.

Ok…hold on. Lets break this down.

Court documents say that on Tuesday at about 11 p.m., Chavez was at the victim’s apartment, drinking alcohol with a friend.

So Pedro is in the apartment as a guest.

He then tried to put his hands under the victim’s shorts and kiss her on the mouth, but she was able to push him away.

A thirteen year-old girl. Gross.

The victim’s mother asked him to leave, and he did.

So if you find a 24 year-old dude reaching for your 13 year-old daughter’s nanner-nanner  you just “ask him to leave”? Well who says people aren’t polite anymore, because they sounds delightfully pleasant?!

Chavez knew the victim’s mother and sister would be leaving soon, leaving the victim home alone, court documents say.

Shortly afterwards, Chavez returned through a sliding glass door, found the victim sitting at the kitchen table, and attempted to molest her again.

…and then after your young daughter was nearly raped, you think to yourself: “Well that’s probably not going to happen again, even though he just left and he knows we’re all going to take off leaving our daughter unprotected in the house right away. He wouldn’t just come right back and try to do something again would he? Nah. He’s the ‘family friend’ kind of molester. Hey, lets also pile all of our valuables and put them in this sack and leave it on the porch with the total approximate value written on the side! Should be fine.” Well, they did. What a lovely trusting family! They sound just like the Cosby’s…if Cliff let Cockroach and whatever Adam Sandler’s character’s name was, feel up Vanessa in the kitchen after he left to go deliver a baby.

via STLToday