St. Louis Craigslist User Wants You to Help Make Cannabis…Uh…Man I’m Hungry?

…oh yeah…help make cannabis legal! Saturday May 7th! …don’t forget to get some Funyuns…maybe we can do some hooka afterwards since we’ll be in the Loop…oh dude, and then Fitz’s for fried pickles!

This is a classic “Oh man, lets try to get weed to be legal” move: Post a vague meeting date on Craigslist, make no mention of what you plan to do or accomplish and make the meeting for the hippiest part of town. This is either another in a long line of stupid Free Cannabis rallies, or the smartest sting the St. Louis County Police force has ever thought of. If this works, their next move is to talk about all the six year olds wandering around the Loop desperate for van candy.

via Craigslist