The Cape Girardeau Airport is Making Lambert Airport Look Like a Badass

If you’ll recall, Lambert Airport got wind-raped pretty hard last Friday. After getting its windows blown out and roof ripped off, it was back to full capacity yesterday, a mere 5 days later. The Cape Girardeau Airport has however been closed since Sunday because of puddles.

Cape Air has been closed since Sunday.

The airport was temporarily shut down because there is a large amount of standing water on the runway.

We’re not saying the puddles aren’t a legitimate problem, but when your airport is closed over the same things that little girls like to jump in with their rain boots, maybe don’t drop that news after another local airport got it’s face ripped off.

We will admit that puddles are an interesting foe. There’s only two options to go over them: make yourself look like at 6 year old trying to jump real far, or a ballerina, neither of which are real impressive to the ladies. Not all of us have a sexy body distracting enough to pull those moves off. That being said, puddles do allow for the occasional up-skirt reflection. But now they’re taking out our airports?! It would be a shame if Cape Girardeau was the place where our tenuous relationship with the puddles degraded in to violence*.

  • violence = a mop

via KMOV