The Cape Girardeau Airport is Making Lambert Airport Look Like a Badass

If you’ll recall, Lambert Airport got wind-raped pretty hard last Friday. After getting its windows blown out and roof ripped off, it was back to full capacity yesterday, a mere 5 days later. The Cape Girardeau Airport has however been closed since Sunday because of puddles. Cape Air has been closed since Sunday. The airport was temporarily shut down because there is a large amount of standing water on the runway. [Read More]

Some Dude Made His Meth in a Sonic

The manager of the Cape Girardeau Sonic has copped to the fact that he was cooking meth in his restaurant. The former manager of a Sonic restaurant in Cape Girardeau has pleaded guilty to attempting to manufacture methamphetamine at the restaurant. The Southeast Missourian reported that 27-year-old Dennie Bratcher also pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree burglary. Sentencing is March 16. Those Sonic’s are pretty small, so my first question is where exactly was he making his meth. [Read More]

Another Proud Day for Missouri: Dude Bites Another Dude’s Earlobe Off.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: Two southeast Missouri guys are fighting over a girl. [Editor’s Note: I’m going to guess the girl’s name is Cheyenne, and prefers half-shirts.] At one point one of guys whips out a knife, but they managed to remove him from the house. Undeterred, the Knife Guy starts banging loudly on the windows which prompts Other Guy to come out and they begin to get in an old fashion brawl which ends with Knife Guy biting the freaking earlobe off Other Guy. [Read More]