Another Proud Day for Missouri: Dude Bites Another Dude’s Earlobe Off.

freaky_fight_between_fans1237681230Tell me if  you’ve heard this one: Two southeast Missouri guys are fighting over a girl.  [Editor’s Note: I’m going to guess the girl’s name is Cheyenne, and prefers half-shirts.]  At one point one of guys whips out a knife, but they managed to remove him from the house.  Undeterred, the Knife Guy starts banging loudly on the windows which prompts Other Guy to come out and they begin to get in an old fashion brawl which ends with Knife Guy biting the freaking earlobe off Other Guy.

Knife Guy was arrested on charges of felony assault and burglary.

Oh and there’s this:

Police recovered the severed lobe, but doctors were unable to reattach it.

Is an earlobe chunk really even worth looking for?