Some People Just Get Really Excited to See St. Louis

During a flight from Oakland, CA to St. Louis a man got a little frisky and decided to pull out his junk and show it to lady on the flight.

From (emphasis mine):

A Southwest Airlines flight headed to St. Louis was forced to make an emergency landing after a man stripped naked in mid-flight. Flight 947 originated in Oakland, California. About half an hour after take off, the airline says a man exposed himself to a female passenger, then hit her when she screamed.

How freaking ridiculous is this?!  I mean, has that broad never seen a dude’s junk before?  Why would she scream?  Frankly if anyone deserves to be hit, its her.  That being said, I’m not sure why this deserved an emergency landing at all.  Just put the naked dude and the lady in the bathroom together where she can explore the male form she was so scared by.

Embrace your fears lady!

You should know that for a second I started to search for a image like the ones I usually put on the top of my posts, but I quickly realized that searching for “Naked Guy” on Google’s image search wasn’t an idea I had though through fully.  You get no image this time and I’m off to scrub my eyeballs.