Dumb Kid Accidentally Arrives in St. Louis, Wanders Around Town Like a Jackass

Erik McBee is a 15 year-old from Phoenix who was trying fly to see his grandparents in Tulsa, which is such a cute little story, until you find out that this kid slept through the part when he was supposed to get off the damn plane, and ended up in St. Louis. He then proceeded to leave the airport, wander around until some lady drove him to the Florissant Police Station where is was placed back on a flight to Phoenix. [Read More]

Some People Just Get Really Excited to See St. Louis

During a flight from Oakland, CA to St. Louis a man got a little frisky and decided to pull out his junk and show it to lady on the flight. From Fox2Now.com (emphasis mine): A Southwest Airlines flight headed to St. Louis was forced to make an emergency landing after a man stripped naked in mid-flight. Flight 947 originated in Oakland, California. About half an hour after take off, the airline says a man exposed himself to a female passenger, then hit her when she screamed. [Read More]