Dumb Kid Accidentally Arrives in St. Louis, Wanders Around Town Like a Jackass

Erik McBee is a 15 year-old from Phoenix who was trying fly to see his grandparents in Tulsa, which is such a cute little story, until you find out that this kid slept through the part when he was supposed to get off the damn plane, and ended up in St. Louis. He then proceeded to leave the airport, wander around until some lady drove him to the Florissant Police Station where is was placed back on a flight to Phoenix. [Read More]

Kid Falls in to City Sewer

You know how when you walk over one of those big sewer grates you always grip your keys a little harder, because that would suck donkey balls to drop your keys down a sewer. Then what? No way would a stick work to fish them out. No one’s going to help you, so you’d be totally screwed. At least you have your cellphone…which is in your car! Shit! Oh man, oh man, oh man. [Read More]
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Kid Shoots Himself in the Ass with Shotgun

On Saturday, a 11-year old boy was visiting someone when he wandered across a loaded shotgun. You know how this goes…he started playing with it and some how managed to shoot himself in the butt. He is in critical but stable condition. From the Globe Democrat: Authorities said the gun belonged to a 52-year old man who lives at the home on Dick Gregory Place. So far no charges have been filed against the owner of the gun. [Read More]