Kid Falls in to City Sewer

You know how when you walk over one of those big sewer grates you always grip your keys a little harder, because that would suck donkey balls to drop your keys down a sewer. Then what? No way would a stick work to fish them out. No one’s going to help you, so you’d be totally screwed. At least you have your cellphone…which is in your car! Shit! Oh man, oh man, oh man.

Ok, now replace “keys” with “your child”.

A 19-month-old child was walking with his dad when he slipped and fell seven feet down an open sewer grate.

“Soon as I got down there he was crying,” says Dennis Tabb with the St. Louis Fire Departmetn [sic]. “I said his name, got down there, called him. As soon as I got him, he grabbed right on, passed him right up.”

The 19-month-old is fine after a bath and he was only down in the sewer aka the “North St. Louis Simulation Tank” for about 10 minutes. Too bad, that’s totally not enough time to get any mutant powers or befriend a ninja-trained rat.

via Ozarks

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