Dan McLaughlin Pleads Guilty to DUI Charge

The man behind the best St. Louis-related mugshot since Ozzy Osbourne was arrested rocking a Blues jersey, Cardinal’s TV broadcaster Dan McLaughlin, has plead guilty to the DUI charge he earned back in August.

McLaughlin, 36, has completed community service and will serve two years’ probation in the case, said his lawyer Jim Towey. As part of the plea deal, the state will not revoke McLaughlin’s license. Shortly after his arrest, the court issued a stay order, which means McLaughlin was allowed to drive while the case was pending.

Next up for McLaughlin is the same thing all people say they’ll do after getting caught doing something stupid: Find peace and make their life better.

“It’s been something that has taught me the most valuable lesson of my life,” McLaughlin said Wednesday. “And I’m just trying to better my life and move on.”

This could be tricky for the chatty and plump broadcaster since he’s done a remarkable job of making everyone hate his ass over the last few years.

From a commenter:

Yeah ran into him at a bar in da Lou once and he was a douche bag. Totally smug and full of himself. A KMOX intern who just got lucky and just another robo-announcer. St.Louis deserves better and I often listen to the other teams broadcast announcers to avoid him…couldn’t be happier his ass got taken down…

Here’s one more:

some of the security guys at busch loathe the guy. the one constant in all the stories i’ve heard are the “do you know who i am?” types of responses they get to the “sir, you can’t park your car in a fire zone”, etc. normally you wouldn’t think too much of it, it’s just that the only other story like this i’ve heard from these same people are about barry bonds.

Good luck with making amends, Danny Mac! Maybe stay away from the charity golf tourney’s with open bars (and buffets) would be a good start.

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via STLToday