Stan Musial to Get Presidential Medal of Freedom

All that standing for Stan finally paid off with yesterday’s announcement that the White House will give Cardinal great Stan Musial the most prestigious civilan honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Fellow Baseball hall of famers Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente and Ted Williams have already received the award with Musial getting his nod just before his 90th birthday.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is given “for especially meritorious contribution (in) cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” Past winners are a diverse group, ranging from Alan Greenspan to Bill Cosby, Muhammad Ali to Paul Harvey, Estee Lauder to Moe Berg, the major-league catcher who was also a spy.

Stan won’t be the only person to get the fancy-pants award at the formal ceremony early next year. He will be joined by fellow St. Louis native and poet who is available for bookings for any African American celebrations and white celebrations that want to seem progressive, but still boring, Maya Angelou, Warren Buffet, artist Jasper Johns, Yo-Yo Ma, Bill russell, seven other people you haven’t heard of and lastly former President George Bush.

Now you’re going to see every freaking person from the guy that tweeted about Stan Musial’s bid for this award to the senators that sent President Obama letters talking about how great Musial is stand up and make sure people know they helped. To all of those people, shut up. Just let the man get his award, don’t tell everyone all the work you did to convince the White House to give it to him, that’s called being a dick. “Yea! He got his award. Finally! …I totally helped…old bastard couldn’t do it without me. You’re welcome Stan! Why hasn’t he called to tell me thanks yet?!”

via STLToday