Kansas City Man Runs Naked in to House, and in to Child’s Room

Everyone has that crazy cousin right? Well not like these Kansas City folks who probably won’t be inviting their Kentucky cousin back to Kansas City for the holidays after he did some wild stuff. Now sure, this kinda thing might sound pretty reasonable for people in Kentucky, but ’round these parts (yes, even Kansas City), it’s pretty “weird” alright. By “weird’ we mean “molester-ish”. Oh, and by “molester-ish” we mean “seriously 100% messed up and totally molester-y”…seriously. [Read More]

St. Peters Motorcyclist Beats the Heat By Riding Naked

Update: We had a super-quick Twitter interview with the man himself. Check it out below! St. Peters motorists yesterday evening were shocked after their eyes focused on the lilly white blur in the lane next to them. A naked dude on a motorcycle was seen heading east down Interstate 70, around the Cave Springs area, presumably heading MidRivers Mall or possibly Costco since jeans are really cheap there. “Nobody was upset with it. [Read More]

Some People Just Get Really Excited to See St. Louis

During a flight from Oakland, CA to St. Louis a man got a little frisky and decided to pull out his junk and show it to lady on the flight. From Fox2Now.com (emphasis mine): A Southwest Airlines flight headed to St. Louis was forced to make an emergency landing after a man stripped naked in mid-flight. Flight 947 originated in Oakland, California. About half an hour after take off, the airline says a man exposed himself to a female passenger, then hit her when she screamed. [Read More]