St. Peters Motorcyclist Beats the Heat By Riding Naked

Update: We had a super-quick Twitter interview with the man himself. Check it out below! St. Peters motorists yesterday evening were shocked after their eyes focused on the lilly white blur in the lane next to them. A naked dude on a motorcycle was seen heading east down Interstate 70, around the Cave Springs area, presumably heading MidRivers Mall or possibly Costco since jeans are really cheap there. “Nobody was upset with it. [Read More]

Easy Riding With Punching Kitty

One of our fine readers out there took a few of our stickers, modded them, and stuck them on his motorcycle helmet. Which means that as of this moment, this gentleman will have to get a little helmet for down below because the chicks will be throwing themselves at his crotch all day and night. I’m not talking figuratively and I’m also not one of those douches that say ‘literally’ when they mean figuratively. [Read More]