License Plate Stickers Could Move to Your Dashboard

A common, but often over-looked crime in the St. Louis area is the theft of those little license plate stickers. Sure, most people are pissed, but not bleeding when they realize they’ve been victimized, so it’s not exactly at the top of everyone’s mind, but estimations are that the sticker theft costs the state of Missouri around $10 Million every year. That’s a lot. Like “turn out the lights and lets do this thing…no kissing though” a lot. [Read More]

Easy Riding With Punching Kitty

One of our fine readers out there took a few of our stickers, modded them, and stuck them on his motorcycle helmet. Which means that as of this moment, this gentleman will have to get a little helmet for down below because the chicks will be throwing themselves at his crotch all day and night. I’m not talking figuratively and I’m also not one of those douches that say ‘literally’ when they mean figuratively. [Read More]

Punching Kitty Stickers, Because Why Not?

We’re a real website now baby! We have stickers! They are a little basic in this first run, but we think they turned out great thanks to our friends at Contagious Graphics. So how do you get them? One way is to find me. If I’m out and about I’ll say so on the Punching Kitty Twitter page so try to meet up and I’ll give you a few. [Read More]