Some Dude Made His Meth in a Sonic

The manager of the Cape Girardeau Sonic has copped to the fact that he was cooking meth in his restaurant.

The former manager of a Sonic restaurant in Cape Girardeau has pleaded guilty to attempting to manufacture methamphetamine at the restaurant.

The Southeast Missourian reported that 27-year-old Dennie Bratcher also pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree burglary. Sentencing is March 16.

Those Sonic’s are pretty small, so my first question is where exactly was he making his meth.  Then my mind immediately floats to the awesomeness it must have been for meth heads to drive up and get their meth delivered to them by a girl on roller skates with a side of those awesome Cheddar Bites!

…also now we know why the Banana Slip Blast was so good:

via KSDK