Cottleville Mayor Likes the Wacky Tobaccy

Cottleville Mayor Don Yarber has joined the likes of luminaries such as Method Man and Cheech in support of legalizing medical marijuana.  Break out those cookies yo!

The mayor of Cottleville, a small Missouri town of about 3,000 people, is hoping the Missouri legislature passes a medical marijuana law, allowing those with prescriptions to buy the drug.

Yarber, 70, is promoting the concept among lawmakers, a big step for a small town mayor where many constituents are thought to be conservative. He said there may not be much support among lawmakers, but thinks there’s great support for medical marijuana among the public.

That’s why Yarber is suggesting lawmakers put the issue to a vote. He thinks by doing that, lawmakers won’t have to take heat, and the issue would pass with sympathetic voters.

Now, as long as we don’t have some douchey, stuffed suit guy ruin this for everyone…

However, Yarber’s state senator, Scott Rupp, says it won’t happen.

Awwwwwww man!  Weak.  Narc!

In reply to Rupp’s comment’s Yarber replied “Dude.  You know?  Dude… Are you going to finish that?”

via KSDK