Jersey Shore’s The Situation Comes to St. Louis

In a move that can only described as the greatest attempt ever to collect as many douche bags in one room at the same time, St. Louis’ Club15 is footing the bill to bring Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the most infamous cast member of MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore” in to St. Louis.

[Editor’s Note: If you haven’t seen any of Jersey Shore, put down your book Milhouse and watch this little clip to catch up.]

Club15, the restaurant/club fronted by former Cardinal slugger Jim Edmunds, is already known for its nightly collection of jersey chasers and St. Louis “Situations” has decided to hire Sorrentino to “host” on January 23rd.  By that we mean, he will show up late, take his shirt off 5 minutes in to the appearance, get drunk and then leave because “fools be trippin’” around 12am only to go a little too far north and end up being some crack dealer’s bitch for the night because it turns out pointing to your abs constantly only intimidates other douche bags, not drug dealer with guns.

Shortly after being released from the hospital, Sorrentino will still go right back to pointing at his abdomen, but hence forth his nickname will be “The Colostomy Bag”