St. Louis Prepares for the Coming of Snooki

So far St. Louis has had Jersey Shore’s The Situationvisit downtown herpes petri dish F15teen, we’ve been taken over by New Jersey on South Parkand at some point Paulie D played music in town while wearing headphones…but only one ear pressed in to them so he looks like a cool DJ and doesn’t hurt his hair, so the fact that Snooki is now coming to town along with WWE’s Raw next week is of little surprise. [Read More]

Mugshots: Our Very Own Snookie!

We know St. Louis doesn’t come up with all the new fads ourselves, but we still get some joy when we somehow manage to create our own little version of that fad. We have our own Snookie from Jersey Shore! Check out this mug shot! She’s got the look…check! Weird name? Well she’s less than 100 years old and her name is Agnes…check! But does she “party”? You bet! KMOV’s descriptionreads: [Read More]

Jersey Shore’s The Situation Comes to St. Louis

In a move that can only described as the greatest attempt ever to collect as many douche bags in one room at the same time, St. Louis’ Club15 is footing the bill to bring Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the most infamous cast member of MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore” in to St. Louis. [Editor’s Note: If you haven’t seen any of Jersey Shore, put down your book Milhouse and watch this little clipto catch up. [Read More]