Mug Shot of the Day

Today’s winner is on Perry Crawford who… …is facing charges for burglary, assault, possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Police say he burglarized a home in Wright City, Mo. on July 7 and assaulted on officer. …and then apparently recieved the same pillow in prison that we have at home since we too wake up with a full loop on the top of our heads some times. [Read More]

James Clinton is Scared, Shirtless, Drunk and Has the Right to Remain Sexy!

In one of the finest mugshots to come out of the St. Louis area in some time (No, its not better than Dan McLaughlin’s.) we have James Clinton, arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended license. There’s no doubt from the look on Jimmy’s face that the Police have finally rolled out their “Make All Arrests Watch KSDK’s Local News Broadcast with Leisa Zigman” program. Seems to be unnecessarily cruel though. [Read More]

Mugshots: Our Very Own Snookie!

We know St. Louis doesn’t come up with all the new fads ourselves, but we still get some joy when we somehow manage to create our own little version of that fad. We have our own Snookie from Jersey Shore! Check out this mug shot! She’s got the look…check! Weird name? Well she’s less than 100 years old and her name is Agnes…check! But does she “party”? You bet! KMOV’s descriptionreads: [Read More]