Crazy Wright City Man Fake Booby Traps His Truck, Ends Up in Real Jail

A Wright City, Missouri man got himself in to some trouble over the weekend after he appeared to booby trap his truck with fake dynamite and a grenade. We’re not sure his Ford Ranger was in that much danger of being stolen to begin with, but as the backwoods guy saying goes: “Better crazy than sorry! …and don’t wipe with pinecones…and try not to ever comb your beard…also we’re against deodorant for some reason. [Read More]

Mug Shot of the Day

Today’s winner is on Perry Crawford who… …is facing charges for burglary, assault, possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Police say he burglarized a home in Wright City, Mo. on July 7 and assaulted on officer. …and then apparently recieved the same pillow in prison that we have at home since we too wake up with a full loop on the top of our heads some times. [Read More]