Crazy Wright City Man Fake Booby Traps His Truck, Ends Up in Real Jail

A Wright City, Missouri man got himself in to some trouble over the weekend after he appeared to booby trap his truck with fake dynamite and a grenade. We’re not sure his Ford Ranger was in that much danger of being stolen to begin with, but as the backwoods guy saying goes: “Better crazy than sorry! …and don’t wipe with pinecones…and try not to ever comb your beard…also we’re against deodorant for some reason. [Read More]

Washington Avenue Closed for Bomb Squad

Police closed Washington Avenue downtown yesterday between 10th and 11th because someone reported “suspicious” canisters under a park bench. “Suspicious” is just what you say though after the bomb squad has already been called. They just looked like cans otherwise (right). Police took x-rays of the canisters and said it looked like the contents might be concrete samples. More testing will be done elsewhere to make sure the canisters posed no threat. [Read More]

Bomb Scare at the Buffalo Wild Wings

The Buffalo Wild Wings near Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters was evacuated today after a bag with a “suspicious” device inside was found. St. Peters police and fire and the St. Charles County Bomb Squad were called to the restaurant at I-70 and Mid Rivers Mall about the suspicious bag around 10:00 a.m. inside the business. All of the employees had to evacuate the building until the bag was removed. [Read More]