News Chopper 5 Has Been Grounded

More cost-cutting measures continue to be created to keep our struggling local news operations afloat. One of the more recent ones is KSDK, channel 5’s move to dismantle their news helicopter.

From the rumor mill over on

As of February 1st KSDK no longer has a news helicopter. The camera has been removed from chopper 5. In a cost cutting move KSDK is negotiating with KMOV for a “shared use” of aerial footage, but has yet to sign an agreement. Just another sign of the need to save money.

KSDK and KMOV are also combining for Spring Training coverage. KSDK will send two photographers, one shoots for KMOV, they will share footage, and KMOV is sending their Sat. truck to feed back tape.

I guess the next time we have a high-speed chance, the only way KSDK can cover it is to join the chase themselves.

We just can’t figure out why local news still hasn’t gotten it yet!’

First, the whole idea of having to wait until 6pm to get your news is a laughable concept these days.  If I want the news, I’ll either jump on the internet or tune to one of the many 24 hour news channels at any given moment.  There’s no reason for me to wait until some artificial time to get it.  Along these lines, the idea of “teasing” your viewers is also so weak its just annoying now.  When Larry Connors drops a “One of your household items may kill you…but we won’t tell you wich one until after sports and the weather!” it falls flat.  Why?  Because I can just look it up.  The end. Now where’s that remote, we can still catch the rest of Seinfeld.

Also, you guys speed way too much time on the weather!  Just tell me what the weather is like now, and what it will be tomorrow (or later today for morning newscasts).  Maybe throw in a weekly forecast graphic and that’s it! That’s it. Seriously. We don’t care why its cold, we just want to know if we should bring a coat.  Oh its a cold front from Canada?  Who gives a crap!  Hey, look at where the jet stream is right now! Oh wait, that means exactly dick to me!  If I care about that crap, I’ll click the “more details” link on