Rams Backup QB Kyle Boller Married That Pretty Moron

Remember the second string Rams QB that came in for Marc Bulger this year and did about as good?  No?  Well do you remember that hot moron that mistook the Miss America pageant as Larry King Live and decided to tell the world that one dude and another dude shouldn’t get married because apparently that actually effect her in some way.

Also, she’s hot, so because of that she has some valid points.

Scandal-laden beauty queen Carrie Prejean has gotten engaged to NFL stud Kyle Boller, E! News has learned exclusively. A source says that the two decided to make their whirlwind romance official Saturday in Prejean’s hometown of San Diego—where the Rams QB also has a house and spends time during the off-season.

The ex-Miss California, 22, began dating the 28-year-old U.C. Berkeley alum last July in the midst of her controversial rise to fame, which included anti-same-sex marriage lobbying, alleged sex tapes and a much-talked-about showdown with Larry King.

Jesus’ little messenger and the quarterback talent forgot are getting married!  How delightful and legal for them.  Can you imagine if two guys got married?  It would totally invalidate this marriage that won’t last more than 2 years.

Also, I hope she knows that you can’t get a single decent wedding arrangement made anywhere without having to schedule a meeting with a very very gay man at some point.  Good luck with that Carrie.

via E! Online