Are Some Schools Closing? I Can’t Tell.

Try to watch a Conan repeat on KSDK on a cold snowy night in St. Louis and see if you can tell if any schools are closing tomorrow.  Here’s a photo from last night:

Where are they…hmmm….ah found them!  Bottom of the screen with the snowflakes.  (Nice touch)

There are seriously loads of problems with this, so lets toss out some easy ones like oh the fact that internet might be a way better place for this kinda crap, and start with a simple one: Are you freakin’ serious with the size of this thing?!  And then on top of that, you are only showing 2 schools!  Jesus, you would think you could squeeze in a few more schools.  Another thing: you really don’t have to say “closed” on each one.  We know.  That’s why there are on the list.  It’s a “School Closings List”. Yeah, yeah, there are a few schools that just start later, but couldn’t those just go on at the end of the list or with an asterisk or something?  5 schools really shouldn’t mean the whole list needs “Closed” next to everything.

Its frustrating to watch local news continue to struggle.  Its just one stupid or antiquated idea after another.  Its like watching a slow kid drown.  Its sad, and you know he’s not going to figure it out, but you don’t want to go in there.  Its cold, and these pants are new.

Lastly…have a good one North St. Francois County R-1!  In my day, we fancied an epic Nerf war and a friend’s house.