Bomb Scare at the Buffalo Wild Wings

The Buffalo Wild Wings near Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters was evacuated today after a bag with a “suspicious” device inside was found.

St. Peters police and fire and the St. Charles County Bomb Squad were called to the restaurant at I-70 and Mid Rivers Mall about the suspicious bag around 10:00 a.m. inside the business.

All of the employees had to evacuate the building until the bag was removed.

No one was injured and the restaurant reopened after about an hour.

Turns out it was a Speed Stick.  Please people don’t just leave your deodorant laying around in St. Peters.  New things that smell “funny” scare them.

I’m kidding!  There’s nothing explicitly wrong with wanting to live in one of thousands of similar looking houses that are all equidistant from a Walgreens and a Red Robin.

via KSDK