Steven Jackson Cleared Criminally: Lack of Evidence!

Rams running back / the only player that matters had some of the weight lifted off his shoulders as the Las Vegas police have dropped the investigation in to the claims of his former girlfriend that he beat her while she was nine months pregnant.

Investigators found insufficient evidence that Jackson, 26, attacked Supriya Harris of Mableton, Ga., in March 2009, Las Vegas police Officer Barbara Morgan said.

“Our investigation is complete,” said Morgan, a department spokeswoman. “I don’t think the time passage was a factor here. We contacted the victim, the accused and witnesses. There’s insufficient evidence to go forward with the case.”

Morgan said the case will be closed, and that records relating to the investigation would not immediately be released.

Though there is still the matter of the clivil case, this is a huge deal for Jackson who, to his credit, has handled this well stating in a release that it was no guilty of the crimes and the process would speak to that.  So far so good for Jackson and, in turn, the Rams.

In a related story the Rams are terrible.

via The Canadian Press (for some reason)