KTVI, Fox 2, is Horrible at Twitter

Fox 2 sucks at Twitter. We know this not because we follow @fox2now, we know this because we found, and now love, fox2nowpoetry.tumblr.com. Who would have thought Fox2 would be bad at Twitter? Fox 2, KTVI, is/was the home of the famed “Web Center”, but they screw up headline tweets like nobody’s business. You may think Tweeting out new headlines with a link to the story sounds simple to do manually, or even something one could automate very easily, but here we are with mangled headline tweets such as: [Read More]

KSDK Sports 2012 Looks Like the Worst Game Ever

Five random thoughts after watching one of the weirdest local news commercial St. Louis has seen (and it’s seen some insanely weird ones): 1. Are my only choices for my lineup Katie Felts, Rene Knott, and Frank Cusumano? We’d love a “Create-an-Anchor-That-Can-Pronounce-Names-Correctly” Feature! Eh who are we kidding, we’d take all the fun out of the game by maxing all the attributes to 100, making a over-sized linebacker of a sports reporter who will just run over people…just like KMOV did. [Read More]

Local News Confirms Their Weather Delusion to Gail Pennington

A lot of you wrote in to us with the same sentiment: “Do we really need around the clock local news coverage about the ‘storm of the century’”? Apparently the general St. Louis audience, or at least our readers, thought that if they had to be stuck at home, then they could at least watch some TV. Ha! Nice try St. Louis, but local news won’t let that happen. Not on their watch. [Read More]

Lambert Airport Gets Third on Worst Airport List

#1 New York (JFK, LaGuarida, Newark) #2 Los Angeles #3 St. Louis #4 Washington D.C. #5 Boston Those are the five worst airports in these United States, as voted on by the readers of “Travel and Leisure”. Hey, at least its not about crime this time! Maybe folks just miss TWA: its old home, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, is dreary to AFC readers on a number of fronts. It ranks last for its airline clubs—you’ll find only one American Admirals Club—and its food and shopping rank 28th and 29th, respectively. [Read More]

Found Video: Dick Ford and John Auble Interview KISS

Dick Ford and John Auble have been around the St. Louis news scene for a long time now.  Long enough to have a clip surface where together they interview Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from KISS even before they would allow anyone to seen them sans makeup.

Stanley and Simmons did the whole interview with their backs to the camera with only a pair of shades embedded in to the mane of Simmon’s hair to differentiate himself.

Normally this would be a pretty un-stimulating TV interview.  Good think Ford and Auble brought the audience in on the action…

Um, guys? KISS really isn’t in that TV. You don’t have to look at the TV in some vein attempt at eye contact.

You can watch the whole interview that involves four dudes with their back to the camera after the jump by clicking below.

[Read More]

Are Some Schools Closing? I Can’t Tell.

Try to watch a Conan repeat on KSDK on a cold snowy night in St. Louis and see if you can tell if any schools are closing tomorrow. Here’s a photo from last night: Where are they…hmmm….ah found them! Bottom of the screen with the snowflakes. (Nice touch) There are seriously loads of problems with this, so lets toss out some easy ones like oh the fact that internet might be a way better place for this kinda crap, and start with a simple one: Are you freakin’ serious with the size of this thing? [Read More]

News Chopper 5 Has Been Grounded

More cost-cutting measures continue to be created to keep our struggling local news operations afloat. One of the more recent ones is KSDK, channel 5’s move to dismantle their news helicopter. From the rumor mill over on STLMedia.net: As of February 1st KSDK no longer has a news helicopter. The camera has been removed from chopper 5. In a cost cutting move KSDK is negotiating with KMOV for a “shared use” of aerial footage, but has yet to sign an agreement. [Read More]