KSDK Sports 2012 Looks Like the Worst Game Ever

Five random thoughts after watching one of the weirdest local news commercial St. Louis has seen (and it’s seen some insanely weird ones):

1. Are my only choices for my lineup Katie Felts, Rene Knott, and Frank Cusumano? We’d love a “Create-an-Anchor-That-Can-Pronounce-Names-Correctly” Feature! Eh who are we kidding, we’d take all the fun out of the game by maxing all the attributes to 100, making a over-sized linebacker of a sports reporter who will just run over people…just like KMOV did.

2. Frank’s video game run is like a horrible white-guy dance looped over and over but somehow causes forward propulsion. Clearly someone did their homework because that’s exactly how Frank runs…through the open statue wasteland that lies in front of Busch Stadium.

3. Love the Rene Knott “action” shots of him interviewing various sports figures while looking exactly the same each time:

Steven Jackson…

Pujols…or Frucal standing on something? Probably Pujols…

Nondescript Blues player because whatever, it’s not like you can name one anyway…

4. Is there a “Franchise Mode” with this game? Does it allow us to set the minor league rosters? Can we put Katie Felts there? Can we name our minor league team “Fox2”?

5. Has no one as KSDK heard of the “Madden Curse” where people on the cover of the Madden NFL game seem to always get hurt or do a horrible job that very year? All of them are on the cover! …oh that’s last year’s cover? Makes sense now.

via The Tip Line!