Found Video: Dick Ford and John Auble Interview KISS

Dick Ford and John Auble have been around the St. Louis news scene for a long time now.  Long enough to have a clip surface where together they interview Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from KISS even before they would allow anyone to seen them sans makeup.

Stanley and Simmons did the whole interview with their backs to the camera with only a pair of shades embedded in to the mane of Simmon’s hair to differentiate himself.

Normally this would be a pretty un-stimulating TV interview.  Good think Ford and Auble brought the audience in on the action…

Um, guys? KISS really isn’t in that TV. You don’t have to look at the TV in some vein attempt at eye contact.

You can watch the whole interview that involves four dudes with their back to the camera after the jump by clicking below.

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