Fox 2’s Glenn Zimmerman For Hire!

Straight from Glenn’s site: Here’s the deal — the economy is in the dumps and a lot of businesses are urging employees to take furlough weeks to help the company get through. Since I am in that boat, I figure I should make the best of my week off. THAT’S RIGHT…I AM FOR HIRE! I have 5 days off…October 12th through the 16th. Is there something I can do for your business? [Read More]

Kay Quinn Tweets Through Her Furlough

Now her furlough is over, but for a second there it looked like we were going to be seeing the “[Insert activity here] on my furlough.” for everything she broadcast to Twitter last week. Seems odd to be broadcasting the fact your company sent you home with no pay for a week. Looking for a new job Kay? …also, I know you can find a better photo than that for your Twitter picture! [Read More]