Fox 2’s Glenn Zimmerman For Hire!

48309194-27125444Fox2, like most media companies, are making their employees do the furlough thing to keep the company a float in the toilet bowl that is the media economy for a little longer and now its Glenn Zimmerman’s turn.  The thing is though, he’s not diluting himself in to thinking this is an vacation, he’s putting himself out there to find work on his downtime!

Straight from Glenn’s site:

Here’s the deal — the economy is in the dumps and a lot of businesses are urging employees to take furlough weeks

to help the company get through. Since I am in that boat, I figure I should make the best of my week off.

THAT’S RIGHT…I AM FOR HIRE! I have 5 days off…October 12th through the 16th. Is there something I can do for your business? I am looking for an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage…

Here are just a few of my skills:

I can forecast the weather

I am an excellent worker

I can play guitar

According to his schedule, he is already nearly booked up!  So if you want Glenn Zimmerman to help insert suppositories at the old folks home because he said it wasn’t going to rain on your wedding day, here’s your chance.

In fact, here are a few ideas from us, for free, on what you could make Glenn Zimmerman do.

  1. Make him stand in the back ground of Show Me St. Louis, loudly telling everyone the current tempature.

  2. Ladies, have him spank you, just once, so when you see him on TV in a bar,  you can just turn to the person next to you and say “See him?  He spanked me one time.”

  3. Don’t you think St. Louis should have their own Naked Cowboy?

Let us know if you use any of our ideas, or if you see Glenn out snap a photo and send it this way!