Sighting: Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis at Outback

800px-FlippingoutWe admit, calling this a “St. Louis sighting” is a stretch, but we got the tip and we love love love this show, so we are running with it.

Jeff Lewis, from the Bravo reality show Flipping Out was spotted with “executive assistant” Jenni Pulos dining at the Outback in Cape Girardeau, MO just moments ago.

For those that don’t know the show, Jeff Lewis is a real estate “flipper” and Jenni, one of his employees, is best known for her ability to calm the neurotic Jeff down from one of his frequent flare ups.  Personally, we think that our personality would match pretty well with the dark humor of Lewis and well, we also have a little crush on Jenni,

So why is the Los Angeles real estate investor at an Outback in Cape Girardeau?  No clue.  We thought maybe he, or Jenni had family in the area, but their wikipedia page was of no help and neither was Jeff’s Facebook fan page. (Now we know, see update below!)

We are trying to track down a photo now and will update this if we have any luck.

Update – 10:37p: Our source just let us know, that after a conversation with Jeff and Jenni, we can confirm that they are in “Cape” to do a house.  Lewis and Co, have branched out to design work because of the economy and someone in Cape flew them out there to do work on their house!  …Now come do my house Jeff!