Virginia Kerr’s Hot Reporter Competition: Fox2’s April Simpson

Watch out Virginia Kerr, your spot at the top of the “cute TV news reporter” food chain might just be in trouble. Yes, Kerr still has the KMOV crowd on lock, but the overall title isn’t quite the blowout it once was and what some people think it still is. We always knew April Simpson from KTVI Fox2 was cute, but after her Twitter picture (below) flashed across our desktop the other day betwixt the other updates of the day, we might have mentally broken up with Kerr and moved to Team Simpson. [Read More]

Fox 2’s Glenn Zimmerman For Hire!

Fox2, like most media companies, are making their employees do the furlough thing to keep the company a float in the toilet bowl that is the media economy for a little longer and now its Glenn Zimmerman’s turn. The thing is though, he’s not diluting himself in to thinking this is an vacation, he’s putting himself out there to find work on his downtime! Straight from Glenn’s site: Here’s the deal — the economy is in the dumps and a lot of businesses are urging employees to take furlough weeks [Read More]

We Don’t Get Fox’s All-Star Game Commercial

Have you seen the All-Star game commercials running on Fox yet? Here it is: What did you think? I thought it was a bit odd. The Arch as a magnet? What?! I just don’t get it. Can anyone explain why they went this way with a whole world of other, less odd, choices were in front of them? The one part that was pretty awesome was when Derek Jeter got “yanked” [Editor’s Note: Mental rimshot! [Read More]

Fox 2 Redesigns Their Website to Match the Rest of the St. Louis’ Websites

The recently redesigned and relaunched website for St. Louis’ Fox affiliate on channel 2 just went live with a new domain: Abandoning the fairly recent Fox-wide “MyFox[insert city abbreviation].com” push already is a bit of a mystery to most, but the issue is fairly clear after a quick twitter search: Even less of a mystery is what the “in” style for the front page of St. Louis big media websites. [Read More]