Kramer’s Website is Maybe the Worst Thing Ever

The bad acid-trip of a website you see below is that of former KTRS “shock jock” Kramer. How can you not love a website that not only will make you go blind from looking directly at it’s 1990’s Geocities-hosted greatness, but also features just awesome stuff as “What is Kramer licking?”, “Kramer Kourt” or “The Lunatic Fringe Kramer Show”? What the hell is it that this guy does these days exactly? [Read More]

Fox 2 Redesigns Their Website to Match the Rest of the St. Louis’ Websites

The recently redesigned and relaunched website for St. Louis’ Fox affiliate on channel 2 just went live with a new domain: Abandoning the fairly recent Fox-wide “MyFox[insert city abbreviation].com” push already is a bit of a mystery to most, but the issue is fairly clear after a quick twitter search: Even less of a mystery is what the “in” style for the front page of St. Louis big media websites. [Read More]