Fox 2 Redesigns Their Website to Match the Rest of the St. Louis’ Websites

The recently redesigned and relaunched website for St. Louis’ Fox affiliate on channel 2 just went live with a new domain:  Abandoning the fairly recent Fox-wide “MyFox[insert city abbreviation].com” push already is a bit of a mystery to most, but the issue is fairly clear after a quick twitter search:


Even less of a mystery is what the “in” style for the front page of St. Louis big media websites.  There’s no doubt “Big Photo on Left with Recent Stories on Right with Ads Even Farther Right” is the new “side ponytail with leg warmers and fingerless lace gloves” in the STL media scene.  I’m just glad Fox decided to join the rest of them at the cool kids table:






I’m not going to “review” it now for many reasons, #1 of which is “Who gives a shit?” but I will drop this on you…Why for fucks sake why do some web people cling to “www”?!  The new Fox site even goes as far as to add it when you just type in “!”  The www is antiquated and just leads to confusion when you start to introduce subdomains like “”  Don’t believe me?  Ask your mom to go to “” and see if she tries to put the damn “www” before it, which won’t work.

Ok, enough geek talk.  What do you think?